10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia

Cradle of Civilization will be explained on Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia. The first humans civilization was formed in ancient Mesopotamia, including the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, and Persians. This was the place where the human learn everything, such as created governments, learned to write, agriculture, and religion. Here are ten interesting facts about ancient Mesopotamia.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 1: The Sumerians

The first civilization was formed by the Sumerians, such as government and writing. The future civilizations were started from the Sumerians.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 2: The Akkadians

After the Sumerians, the Akkadians have come. The main language in the ancient Mesopotamia was Akkadian language. Besides, the the first united empire was also formed by the Akkadians.

The Akkadian
The Akkadian

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 3: The Babylonians

In Mesopotamia, the most powerful city was Babylon. The system of law and vast empires were created by the Babylonians.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 4: The Assyrians

The Assyrians were a warrior society in ancient Mesopotamia. The Middle East was also ruled by them. In Assyrian cities, the clay tablets were found.

The Assyrians
The Assyrians

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 5: The Persians

The Persians was the last humams who ruled the civilization. Much of the Middle East were conquered by them.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 6: Land between rivers

Tigris and Euphrates rivers are the major rivers that become location of Mesopotamia. That’s why “Land between rivers” is the other name of Mesopotamia.

Euphrates River
Euphrates River

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 7: God and Goddess

There were many different god and goddess for each city, such as Anu (the king of the god), Enlil (the god of the air), Utu (the god of the sun), Inanna (the goddess of love and war), Nanna (the god of the moon), Ninhursag (the goddess of earth), and Enki (the god of fresh water). Besides, Ziggurat (a large temple) was built to the god at the centre of the city.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 8: Clothing

Wool and sheep skin were the materials to make the clothes of Mesopotamia. Makeup were used both men and women. For men, kilt-like skirts were worn by them and longer dresses were worn by women. Women and men usually had long hair and beards for men.

Ancient Mesopotamian Clothing
Ancient Mesopotamian Clothing

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 9: Daily Life of Ancient Mesopotamia

Daily life of ancient Mesopotamia has changed from the Sumerian civilization. They worked as a hunter and fisher in the small villages before grew to the large cities. There were many a lot of jobs in the large cities such as craftsman, priest, merchant, civil servant, scribe, and soldier.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 10: The house of ancient Mesopotamia

Mud brick is a type of homes in Mesopotamia. The shape was rectangular and had flat roofs. In the hot summers, roofs were used to sleep by them.

The house of Mesopotamia
The house of Mesopotamia


We have talked facts about ancient Mesopotamia. Do you know other facts about ancient Mesopotamia. Are you interested to read this article? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about about ancient Mesopotamia.




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