10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Greece

Facts about Ancient Greece will inform you about the advanced civilization in the world. There were three periods of Ancient Greece history, including Archaic Period, Classical Period, and The Hellenistic period. Here we are going to talk about interesting facts about ancient Greece, such as their clothes, education, food and drink, etc.

Facts about Ancient Greece 1: Archaic Period

During 800 BC-508 BC, the Archaic Period was started from Greek civilization to the introduction of Democracy. The beginning of the Olympic Games is one of the event that happened in this period.

Facts about Ancient Greece 2: Classical Period

Arising of the great philosophers (Socrates and Plato), democratic government of Athens, and the wars between Sparta and Athens run in the Classical period. However, in 323 BC the death of Alexander became the ended of this period.

Greek classical Period
Greek classical Period

Facts about Ancient Greece 3: Hellenistic Period

The Hellenistic period was started from  the death of Alexander until the Greece can be conquered by Rome.

Facts about Ancient Greece 4: Food and drink

There were many kinds of food such as grains, fish, and plenty of olive oil. However, porridge (from barley) and bread (from wheat) belong to the main foods of the ancient Greece. Olive oil was used to add flavour and cook all of the food. Besides, vegetables, cheese, milk were also eaten by ancient Greece.

Facts about Ancient Greece 5: The clothes of Ancient Greece

Tunics and slippers were worn by ancient Greece and it was suitable for their climate. The tunic also called as a chiton. Besides, wool and linen were used to make their clothes.

Facts about Ancient Greece 6: The meaning of word “idiot”

A person who was not a politician also called as an idiot in the ancient Greece.

Facts about Ancient Greece 7: How to declare love?

Ancien Greece has a unique way to declare their love. Apple is the fruit that was used to do it. Someone will throw an apple at someone who they loved.

Facts about Ancient Greece 8: Greek Education

There were differences between boys and girls education in the ancient Greece. The boys usually learned about military training, math, and writing. As they grow older, they got literature, music, rhetoric, and astronomy. For girls, they got different subject from the boys. Reading and writing are important subject for girl, but they also learned to care for children, sew, and cook. Sometimes, boys and girls in Greece got education based on where they lived.

Education in Ancient Greece
Education in Ancient Greece

Facts about Ancient Greece 9: The house of Ancient Greece

The house of Ancient Greece is very unique. The house has different room between men and women. The Andron or Andronitis is the name of men’s room. It was used to meet friend and held social event. The room for women is called the Gynaikon or Gynaikonitis. It was used to weave and also meet their friend.

Facts about Ancient Greece 10: The pets of Ancient Greece

Dogs are the pets of Ancient Greece. They  appreciated it by painting the dogs. Besides, they also made the sculptures of dogs and it proved that dogs were very important.

Education in Ancient Greece
Dogs in Ancient Greece


We have talked facts about Ancient Greece. Dou know other facts about it? Are you interested to read this article? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about ancient Greece.

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