10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics present the information about the games were part of a religious festival. The games were held to honor of the Zeus (the god of the sky).  Almost 3000 years ago, the Olympic games were started in 776 BC and held every four years. Unfortunatelly, in 393 AD the games were stopped.

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 1: Olympia

Olympia was a village where the Olympic Games took place. As we know that the king of the gods (Zeus) lived on Mount Olympus, so the games were held in this place.

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 2: The presents of the winners

A wreath of leaves and free meals were given to the winners. They also got the best seats in theatre.

Olive Wreath
Olive Wreath

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 3: Events at the Greek’s Olympics

Chariot racing, javelin, wrestling, long jump, discus, and boxing are the kinds of Olympics games.

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 4: Women at Olympia

Married women were forbidden to attend the Olympic Games and women were not allowed to join the games. Because, they have their own festival (Heraia). It was held to honor of Hera (the wife of Zeus).

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 5: Men at Olympia

Only boys and men were allowed to take part into the Olympic Games. They usually joined the wrestling games and the winners got a crown of leaves.

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 6: Pierre Fredy

In 1863, Pierre Fredy, the Baron de Coubertin was born. He was a French nobleman, historian, and educator. He was a  sportsman when he was young and had big passion in the sport when he grow older.

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 7: The modern Olympics

In 1896, Pierre de Coubertin started the modern Olympics. He also designed the symbol of the Olympic Games and it was symbolized with five color rings.

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 8: The emblem of the Olympic Games

The five color rings were the symbol of the Olympic Games. The colors were blue, yellow, black, green, and red. Each ring stands for a continent. North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia were the continents that joined in the Olympic Games. Besides, the Olympic Games also have a motto. The Olympic motto are Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger in Latin).

The emblem of the Olympic Games
The emblem of the Olympic Games

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 9: The Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch was the important thing in the Olympic games. The torch or flame is lit in the beginning of the games. It was brought by runners to the location of the games

Facts about Ancient Greece Olympics 10: The medals

The colors of the medals are gold, silver and bronze.  The gold one was given for the teams or athletes who come first. The second teams got silver medals and the last was bronze. It was given for third teams.

The Olympic Medals
The Olympic Medals


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