10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt

Facts about Ancient Egypt will inform you about a dry and hot desert country. Ancient Egypt was the longer civilization than the other one around 3100 BCE to 30 BCE. It also known as the most advanced civilization. The River Nile supported the life of Egyptian, because they dependeded on waters and land of the river. Here are the other facts about ancient Egypt.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 1: Writing

Egyptians were the first people who developed a system of writing. It used to write down what was happening in their life. There were many system of writing that they used, such as hieroglyphs, symbols or a mixture of pictures and ‘glyphs’.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 2: Wall painting in tombs

Wall painting in tombs help us to know and learn much about Egyptians daily life. Besides, life after death was believed by Egyptians.

Wall painting in tomb
Wall painting in tomb

Facts about Ancient Egypt 3: Games

There were many different games for boys, girls, and adults. Dancing games were played by girls and boys played with wooden animals. Board games was a board with 30 squares that played by two people. It usually played by adults. However, the most popular board game was called Senet. We played this game by throwing sticks and move your piece based on the number of stick do you get. Besides, they also enjoyed an entertainment, such as parties, music, and story-telling.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 4: Clothes

As we know that linen was made for Egyptians clothes. A short linen kilt is worn by men and a linen tunic was worn by women. There is no clothes for children, because they usually just wore jewellery around their neck.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 5: The pharaohs

The pharaohs are kings and queens who ruled the ancient Egypt. They also known as gods on earth. Besides, they have many responsibilities of ancient Egypt, such as led the army and control the River Nile.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 6: Egyptian mummies

Mummies are the preserved bodies after death. Especially, only rich and powerful Egyptians who could pay the expensive process of mummies. There are some layers of coffin before the mummy, including first coffin, second coffin, inner coffin, and the last is mummy who lay inside a sarcophangus.

Egyptian mummy
Egyptian mummy

Facts about Ancient Egypt 7: The pyramids

The pyramids are the most famous monuments in the ancient Egypt, especially the pyramids at Giza. The pharaohs and their family used the pyramids as their tombs. According to archaeologist, there were no mummies at Giza. Because it was stolen by grave robber.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 8: The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is a giant statue of a monster and also has a pharaoh’s head and lion’s body. It is used to protect the pyramids at Giza, especially the pyramid of Khafre.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 9: A sacred animal

A sacred animal of Ancient Egyptians are cats. That’s why cat become a pet for many families.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 10: Makeup

Makeup is important thing of Egyptians men and women. They believed that makeup can give magical healing powers. They painted their eyes with green and black colors to protect their eyes from the sun. Green color was made from copper and black color was made from lead . Parfume was also used both men and women and it was made from cinnamon, oil, and myyrh. For women, they also used red paint to stain their cheeks.

Ancient Egyptian men used eye makeup
Ancient Egyptian men used eye makeup


We have talked facts about ancient Egypt? Do you know other facts about ancient Egypt?



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