10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Athens

Facts about Ancient Athens will inform you about the largest city of Greece. Athens is also the capital city and a centre of politics and tourism. It was known as a beautiful public buildings, public bath, shops, and busy city. Acropolis is a rocky hill and most of them lived below the rocky hill or Acropolis. Here are ten interesting facts about Ancient Athens.

Facts about Ancient Athens 1: Government

Athens have the rules to arrange their city (Athenian democracy). That is why there is no government in Athens. The meeting was held to talk about everything and it was called assembly. However, only men who can vote and become citizens. The other one can not become citizens such as slaves, women, and foreigner.

Facts about Ancient Athens 2: Attica

Attica is an area which is ruled by Athenians. It contains of valuable elements and a rich reservoir. In Athens, luxury items can be found in the biggest department store named Attica.

Attica department store
Attica department store

Facts about Ancient Athens 3: Sports and stadiums

As we know that sport is important things in the world. Summer Olympic Games, Euro league finals, UEFA Champions League are the major events in Athens. Athens also have major stadiums, such as Athens Olympic Stadium, Olympic Indoor Hall, Peace and Friendship Stadium, and Karaiskakis Stadium. There are entertainment complexes in there.

Facts about Ancient Athens 4: The clothes of Anthenians

Chiton (a type of tunic) was worn by Ancient Athens and wool is one of the material to make the chiton. Besides, they wore cloaks or himations in cold weather.

Facts about Ancient Athens 5: Food and drink

Bread and porridge were the main food of ancient Athens. Besides, they also ate fish, vegetables, cheese, etc and used olive oil to cook it. Bread and wine were eaten for breakfast with different way (bread dipped in wine).

Facts about Ancient Athens 6: Women

There were different treatment between women and men. One of the example was about school. Women were taught at home (to make clothes, cook, and weave), but men could go to the school. Women also had limited social life. They could meet their friend at religious festivals.

Facts about Ancient Athens 7: The Agora

The central market of ancient Athens was called the Agora. It also used citizens as a place to gather and discuss about politics.

Facts about Ancient Athens 8: The Acropolis

Acropolis is a sacred hill in the center of Athens. There were many buildings on it, including sanctuary, parthenon, erectheion, theater of dyonisus, etc.

The Acropolis
The Acropolis

Facts about Ancient Athens 9: The famous colleges in Athens

Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum are the famous colleges or schools at Athens.

Facts about Ancient Athens 10: The parthenon

Parthenon (temple) is the famous building in Athens. It is built to honor the goddess Athena. White marbels around 21,650 tons were used to carve the parthenon. Besides, gold and ivory were also used to make the statue of Athena and made by Sculptor Phidias. The height is around 12 m/40 ft.

The Parthenon
The Parthenon


We have talked facts about Athens. Do you know other facts about Athens?







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