Facts about Amur Leopards 5: Breeding

The age of the first breed of females Amur is 3-4 years old. Generally, the colour of the cubs is grayish without rosettes. The mother and cubs usually move to the safe location and stay together until two years.

Facts about Amur Leopards 6: Diet

Amur leopards are carnivores. They eat deer, hares,  roe, and other mammals.

Amur leopard eat its meal

Amur leopard eat its meal

Facts about Amur Leopards 7: Population

The population of Amur Leopard was low. It is around 19-26 individuals. Besides, there are many Amur leopards who live in the zoo than in the wild.

Facts about Amur Leopards 8: Sound

Rasping sound is the voice of leopard. It is very speacial because different with roar.

Facts about Amur Leopards 9: Important animal

Amur leopards have important role to keep the balance in their species, because they are top predators. Besides, they also have many benefits for wildlife, forests’ health, and environment.

Facts about Amur Leopards 10: Hunting

The Amur leopards are a type of nocturnal animal. They are a great hunter and hunting their prey at night. Actually, they like to hunt alone and have tactic to catch their prey. They quietly stalk and attack when ready. They will move the meal in the hiding place if they do not finish it.

Amur leopard catches its prey

Amur leopard catches its prey

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