10 Interesting Facts about Amsterdam

The largest city in the Netherlands will be explained on facts about Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands, yet the Hague is the political capital (the location of Dutch government and parliament). The nickname of Amsterdam is Mokum. As we know that Amsterdam is famous with weed coffee shops where you can order just like at CBDDY: hemp flower online. Here are ten interesting facts about Amsterdam.

Facts about Amsterdam 1: Language

The most commonly spoken language in Amsterdam is Dutch, followed by English and German. English is a second language for Amsterdam residents and is used by children in the school. Their fluency in English can impress the visitors.

Facts about Amsterdam 2: The tallest people in the world

Dutch are the tallest people in the world. The height of Dutch man is around 184 cm and 170 cm for Dutch women. Nutrition, DNA, and welfare are the reasons why they are tall based on scientific.

The tallest people in the world
The tallest people in the world

Facts about Amsterdam 3: Bicycle friendly city

It is amazing. Amsterdam has more bicycles than the people. There are 1,000,000 bicycles and only 813,562 people. Unfortunately, it was stolen every year about 100,000 bicycles. Fun, healthy, chaos, and friendly are the symbol of Amsterdam. That is why Amsterdam is known as bicycle friendly city in the world.

Facts about Amsterdam 4: Say no to smoking

In 2008, smoking was banned especially in cafes and restaurants. However, smoking marihuana, weed, vape juice australia and hash are still allowed in the coffee shops. Besides, people can buy 5 grams of cannabis (marihuana or hash) in the coffee shops. Although drugs are forbidden in Amsterdam, citizens are still allowed to buy and consume delta-8 gummies and other cannabis-based products.

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Smoking is allowed without tobacco
Smoking is allowed without tobacco

Facts about Amsterdam 5: Safety city

Amsterdam is one of the safest city in the world. They can control all of the dangerous thing that happened in the city.

Facts about Amsterdam 6: LGBT friendly

Gay marriage maybe is a weird thing, but it is different in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, gay and lesbian marriage are allowed with regular rituals (all rights and obligations) for them in 2001. So, Amsterdam is the first city to allow gay marriage in the world.

LGBT friendly in Amsterdam
LGBT friendly in Amsterdam

Facts about Amsterdam 7: Coffee lovers

The first largerst consumers of coffee in the world is Scandinavians. That is why Amsterdam is the second largest consumers. They drink 3.2 cups of coffee a day.

Facts about Amsterdam 8: The best water

The cleanest and safest tap water is located in Amsterdam. They have the best water in Europe.

Tap water in Amsterdam
Tap water in Amsterdam

Facts about Amsterdam 9: Museums

Van Gogh Museum and Rijk museum are the famous museums in Amsterdam. In fact, they have more museums than another city in the world.

Facts about Amsterdam 10: Bridges

The famous bridge in Amsterdam is Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge. Besides, you can see 15 arches into the distance in the Bridge of 15 Bridges (the crossing of Reguliersgracht and Herengracht) at night.

One of the bridge in Amsterdam
One of the bridge in Amsterdam


We have talked facts about Amsterdam. Do you know other facts about Amsterdam? Did you like these interesting facts about Amsterdam? Are you interested to read it? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Amsterdam. Enjoy reading.


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