10 Interesting Facts about Ammonia

A chemical with NH3 formula will be explained on Facts about Ammonia. Pungent smell and colorless gas belong to the Ammonia. The molar mass of colorless glass is 17.03 g/mol (grams/mole). Besides, nitrogen and hydrogen atoms are the chemical to make Ammonia. Approximately -77.7 degrees Celsius (−107.86 °F) is the freezing point of chemical and the boiling point of chemical is around -33.5 degrees Celsius (−27.94 °F).

Facts about Ammonia 1: The function of ammonia in the body

In the human body, ammonia is produced naturally. It is used to make protein and other molecules in the body as a building block. Besides, it can be dangerous if spoil cells in the body.

Facts about Ammonia 2: Formula of Ammonia

The shape of NH3 molecul is trigonal pyramidal. Nitrogen is symbolized with N and hydrogen is symbolized with H. The chemical bonds joined the atoms, it is shown by lines in the formula.


Formula of Ammonia
Formula of Ammonia

Facts about Ammonia 3: The United States of America

The United States of America is the largest country that produced and manufactured chemicals. Ammonia is used by farmer to grow their plant, because it is produced as fertilizer.

Facts about Ammonia 4: The uses of Ammonia

There are many benefits of Ammonia. It is regularly used by professional cleaning services like Eco Clean Solutions for several different applications and circumstances. However, around 80% is produced into fertilizers. Besides, it can be dangerous because contains of toxic and corrosive. Sometimes, it also causes ammonia poisoning.

The uses of Ammonia
The uses of Ammonia

Facts about Ammonia 5 :What is needed to manufacture ammonia?

As we know that Ammonia can be made from nitrogen and hydrogen. Besides, we also need a source of energy to make it. Air (nitrogen), water (hydrogen), and a Green Gas synthesis machine (energy) are needed to manufacture ammonia.

Facts about Ammonia 6 : Liquid or gas

Actually ammonia can be turned into a gas and a liquid. When exposed to the air, it will become a gas and can be a liquid in the low pressure tanks at 150 PSI.

Facts about Ammonia 7: The way to treat ammonia poisoning

Washing eyes and skin using water is one of the way to reduce ammonia poisoning. However, hospital care is needed for people who get serious injury, such as burns in the throat or constantly coughing.

Facts about Ammonia 8: Haber process

In 1913, Haber process was discovered by Carl Bosch. It is a production of combining nitrogen and hydrogen at high temperatures.

The Haber process
The Haber process

Facts about Ammonia 9: Advantages of Haber process

There are advantages of hyber process, such as for helping feed in the word population. It also used as chemicals, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

Facts about Ammonia 10 : Properties

There are many properties of ammonia. It has a stong and sharp smell. It belongs to colorless gas, base, and akali. Besides, when eaten or breathed it can be dangerous for the body.

Properties of Ammonia
Properties of Ammonia


We have talked facts about Ammonia. Do you know other facts about Ammonia? Are you interested to read this article? Hopefully, this article will help yout to know more about Ammonia. Enjoy reading.

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