10 Interesting Facts about Amish

An Anabaptist Christian denomination will be explained on facts about Amish. The history of Amish was started when a schism occured in the Mennonite church, that was obtained from Jakob Ammann. He is a Swiss Anabaptist and people who followed him was knows as Amish. Here are the other facts about Amish.

Facts about Amish 1: Amish language

The Amish language is Pennsylvania German. It was also known as Pennsylvania Dutch. Actually, there are three language, including English, German, and Pennsylvania Dutch that are used by Amish. In school and business, they use English; and German is used in religious service. However, the Old Order Amish still use dialect of Swiss German.

Facts about Amish 2: Amish beards

The tradition of Amish is to grow beards but not mustaches. Because growing mustaches were forbidden in the Amish religious. Afer marriage, the men started to grow beards and stop shaved their beards. Besides, the men who cut their beards will be punished.

Amish man with his beard
Amish man with his beard

Facts about Amish 3: Clothing

As we know that Amish like simplicity and traditional lifestyle. It can be seen from their clothes (handmade). Dark colours and simple fabrics were used to make  their clothes. Ties, gloves, belts, and sneakers are forbidden for men. They usually wear coats, vests, and trousers without creases. For women, they usually wear aprons, solid-colored skirts, and long sleeves. Besides, wearing jewelry and patterned clothes were not allowed.

Facts about Amish 4: Rumspringa

Rumspringa is a tradition of young Amish to choose their life. Before baptized, there is an opportunity to see the outside world such as going to the local movie theater, consuming drugs, or smooking a cigarette. After that, they can choose to be stay with the community or leave it.

Facts about Amish 5: Religion

The Amish are type of Christian and they believe on baptism. As they grow older, they will be baptized between 16 and 24 years old. After that, they are allowed to be married.

Facts about Amish 6: Ordnung

Ordnung is the set of rules for daily life. It was written and unwritten rules such as no jewerly, no pattern, and no bright colours. It looks like holy book.


Facts about Amish 7: Gelassenheit

Gelassenheit is the religious belief. It means that Amish community should be grateful of the God’s creation. They was forbidden to use electricity. Recently, they use phone to be shared with neighbour. However, the phone shoud be kept outside the house, not inside the house.

Facts about Amish 8: The differences between Amish and Mennonities

The differences between Amish and Mennoniter are their life styles. If Amish can not wear colorful clothes, driving cars, etc, it’s really different with Mennoniter. The Mennoniter live in modern style, such as wearing bright colours clothes, owning cars, etc.

Facts about Amish 9: Amish education

Amish children got education until eight grade. They do not continue their school in the college or high level of education. However, Amish communities teach them vocational training. For Amish boys, they learn to be carpenters or farmers whereas for Amish girls, they learn to be housewives.

Facts about Amish 10: Marriage

The Amish marriage is very different with modern marriage. There are no engagement ring, flowers, makeup, and luxurious dress. They were forbidden because symbolized vanity. Besides, there were some rules of groom and bride. The duty of groom is to grow his beard after marriage whereas the bride should wears simple wedding dress with blue colour. Sometimes, she can choose her own colour. Amish marriage can only be done once in the whole of life.

Amish marriage
Amish marriage

We have talked facts about Amish. Do you have other facts about Amish?

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