10 Interesting Facts about American Slavery

Facts about American Slavery will inform you about human slavery of legal institution in the 18th and 19th centuries. Slavery became legal in the Thirteen Colonies coincided with the Declaration of Independence. Besides, John Casor (a black man) was the first slave owner in America and slavery happened before American Civil War. Here are the other facts about American slavery.

Facts about American Slavery 1: African slaves

In the Atlantic Slave Trade, the most American slaves was from Africa. It is around 12.5 million slaves were sent from Africa to the America. During the trip, there were some slaves who died because of disease. That is why the slaves that arrived in America only 10.7 million. They worked in the tobacco and cotton fields in 1793. In the South, the use of slaves became economy’s foundation.

Facts about American Slavery 2: The cost of a slave

In 1850, the cost slave in America was around $340. In today’s money, it was equivalent of $40,000.

American slaves
American slaves

Facts about American Slavery 3: Ancient Roman winter festival

There was special tradition during ancient Roman winter festival. The tradition was a change of roles between slaves and their owners.

Facts about American Slavery 4: The first slavery begin in the America

In 1619, African were the first slaves in the American colonies. They were shipped in Jamestown, Virginia. Besides, American colonies brought 600,000 more slaves after 200 years.

Facts about American Slavery 5: Slave codes

In 1700s, the rights of slave owners and the status of slaves were determined by state laws. It was called slave codes. There were punishment for slave who escaped from the American colonies. Besides, having weapons and leaving the plantation of their owner were forbidden by the colonies.

Facts about American Slavery 6: The clothes of slave

There were differences clothes between men and women slaves. Long dresses were worn by women slaves whereas pants and loose shirts were worn by men slaves.

Women slaves clothes
Women slaves clothes

Facts about American Slavery 7: The house of slave

The house of slave was small and near the fieds for slave who worked as a farmer. Although their house was less privacy, but they still had privacy from their owner.

Facts about American Slavery 8: Abolitionism

Abolitionists were the people who wanted to abolish slavery. They thought that slavery in the United States should be illegal.

Facts about American Slavery 9: Slave States and Free States

Actually, there were two states in the United States. They are south (slave state) and north (free states). Missouri was new state that belongs to slave state. However, it was admitted as a free states by Congress in 1820 (the Missouri Compromise ).

Facts about American Slavery 10: Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad was used to escape from South to the North by slaves. It also can be used for hideouts. In 1810-1865, there were 100,000 slaves that escaped using Underground Railroad.

Slaves escaped from South through underground railroad
Slaves escaped from South through underground railroad

We have talked facts about American Slavery. Are you interested to read it? Do you know other facts about American Slavery? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about it. Enjoy reading.



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