10 Interesting Facts about American Samoa

Facts about America Samoa inform the readers about an unincorporated territory of the United States. American Samoa is one of the island in the South Pasific Ocean and also called as Eastern Samoa. Samoans are not American citizens, but they are American nationals. The capital of America Samoa is Pago Pago. In 2013, the population of American Samoa was 55,165.

Facts about American Samoa 1: Samoa Island

There are many cultures and beautiful sceneries in the Samoa Island such as mountain, forest, beaches, and reefs. Crystal clear water and sandy beaches could be seen in the Samoa Island and Samoan society are very proud of it.

Facts about American Samoa 2: Season

Tropical is the climate in the Samoa Island with two different seasons, the wet (November to April) and the dry (May to October). Unfortunately, natural disaster came between January and March (hurricanes) and December to March (Typhoons).

American Samoa
American Samoa

Facts about American Samoa 3: Language and Currency

The official languages of American Samoa are Samoan, followed by English, and Tongan. The most people in the American Samoa are bilingual. Besides, United States Dollar is the currency of American Samoa.

Facts about American Samoa 4: National Park of American Samoa

On October 31, 1988 the park was established and it is the one and only United States national park. It was divided on three tropical island that are Islands Ofu, Tutuila, and Ta’ū. Beautiful sceneries could be seen in the national park like coral reefs. Furthermore, Samoan villages in the park’s rainforests could be foung by visitors.

National Park of American Samoa
National Park of American Samoa

Facts about American Samoa 5: Food

Every country has traditional foods.  Taro root, banana, yams, breadfruit, coconuts, fish, turtle, and chicken are traditional Samoan foods. It could be differentiated based on the benefits. The foods for diet consists of taro, breadfruit, bananas, and coconuts; whereas fish, turtle, and chicken are eaten occasionally.

Facts about American Samoa 6: Traditional Clothes

Traditional clothes of American Samoa is a kind of one-piece wraparound skirt and usually wear by both men and women. Actually, there are many kind of Samoan traditional clothes such as lava lava and puletasi. Man and woman can use lava lava in many occasions, but putalesi only can be used by woman.

Facts about American Samoa 7: Medicine and Health Care

Obesity is one of the health problem in the American Samoa although it is called as healthy place. But some people belief that obesity is a symbol of health. Although a hospital on Tutuila provided medicines. There were still clinics has more limited services such as nurses.

Facts about American Samoa 8: Marriage

Marriage in the American Samoa usually based on the economic background. Son from rich families married with daughter from rich families too and vice versa. Although remarriage always done by young people, but divorce seldom to be done.

Marriage of American Samoa
Marriage of American Samoa

Facts about American Samoa 9: Samoan People

Polynesians are the native Samoans people with the tall body, brown-skinned and attractive. The characteristics of Samoan people are kind and generous. They are ordinary people who has good habits.

Facts about American Samoa 10: Third Gender

There was a third gender in American Samoa, that is “Fa’afafine (male who live as woman) and was accepted in Samoan society. They dressed like woman and full of make up tin heir face. Although they are not guys but do relationship with normal man.

Fa'afafine organisation
Fa’afafine organisation

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