10 Interesting Facts about American Football

A sport played by eleven players of two teams will be explained on Facts about American Football. You can do this sport outdoor on a rectangular field with goalposts. Besides, the tool of it is a football (an oval-shaped ball). On American college campuses, it became popular in the late 1800s. Another facts about American football will be explained below:

Facts about American Football 1: Super Bowl

In the United States, “Super Bowl” is a championship football game and the most watched television event in the world similar to the upcoming Qatar World Cup. The first Super Bowl was held on January 15, 1967 between Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.

American Football
American Football

If you are creating you own american football team, you need to consider a few aspects, like getting a good coach, custom uniforms, a place to practice and a lot more.

Facts about American Football 2: National Football League (NFL)

The most popular American football league is National Football League (NFL). The American Professional Football Association was the previous name before changed to the National Football League (NFL) and began in 1920. It get around US$10 billion of an annual income with $49 million of profit.

Facts about American Football 3: The NFL players after their careers

Approximately 78% of NLF players go bankrupt after finishing their careers during two years.

Facts about American Football 4: NFL cheerleaders

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders is the famous NFL cheerleading squad. NFL cheerleaders usually spent their money for makeup, dance classes, and hair accessories. Although they got high salary around $50–$75 a game , but they always lost money at the end.

NFL Cheerleaders
NFL Cheerleaders

Facts about American Football 5: Super Bowl Food

There are many Super Bowl food such as chicken wings, pizza, pretzels, chips, and nuts. The most popular Super Bowl snacks are pizza and chicken wings. On Super Bowl Sunday, more pizza is sold out than on any other day. Because pizza is a food category that socially tied the events (Super Bowl). On the other hand, 1.25 billion chicken wings were also eaten by American people on  Super Bowl sunday.

Facts about American Football 6: The first football

In 1869, Rutger and Princeton Universities are the players who played the first football game in New Jersey.

Facts about American Football 7: Soccer and Rugby

Soccer and Rugby are the sport that mixed became American football.

Facts about American Football 8: Walter Camp

Walter Camp was  a coach, sport writer, player, and also known as the Father of American Football. He helped to make the first football rules in 1876.

Walter Camp
Walter Camp

Facts about American Football 9: Football Company

Since 1941, the supplier of football in the NFL is the “Wilson Sporting Goods Company”, around 2 million footballs are made by them.

Facts about American Football 10: National Football League (NFL) stadium

The oldest American football stadium is “Soldier Field” which is located in the central United States. It has U shaped seating and had seating capacity of 74,280 spectators. Since 1971, Soldier Field has been becoming the home of Chicago bears and National Football Language. Besides, it has circuses, sunrise services, fireworks displays, marching band concerts, etc.

Soldier Field
Soldier Field

We have talked facts about American Football. Are you interested reading about it? Hopefully, this article will help yout to know the American football more, enjoy reading.



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