10 Interesting Facts about American Bison

Do you know facts about American bison? American bison is also called American buffalo. It is one of the species and the largest mammal in North American.  The weight of male bison (bulls) up to 2,000 pounds and female bison (cows) up to 1,000 pounds. The height reaches 4-5 feet of females and 6 feet tall of males. Besides, prairie is the habitat of American bison.

Facts about American bison 1: The average life span of bison

The breeding age of male bison is 6-10 years, whereas female bison starts for breeding at the age of 2 years. For females usually only have one baby at a time. Approximately, the life span of bison is 10-20 years.

Facts about American bison 2: Behaviour

As we know that bison live in the grassland. So, they are adapted with kind of seasons. Rub, roll and wallow are the behaviour of bisson. There are differences attitude between male and female. Females usually lead the family group even though males can join the group while mating season.

Bison at Rocky Mountain
Bison at Rocky Mountain

Facts about American bison 3: Characteristics of bison

American bison has a dark brown fur, hooves, shoulder, shaggy coat, and huge heads with short horns. The function of their horns is to protect themselves from predators. The bison’s hump also different with another mammal’s hump, because it is consist of muscle. Besides, a snort, an arched tail, a wide open mouth, and a raised head are the sign of aggravated bison. They also can run fast with big body.

Facts about American bison 4: Habitat

Prairies, plains, and river valleys are the habitat of American bison. They like to live in the open grasslands with plenty of vegetation. American bison can be found in the United States, Canada, and National Parks.

Habitat of bison
Habitat of bison

Facts about American bison 5: The types of bison

The Wood Bison and the Plains Bison are two types of American bison. They are having different characteristics like the body’s size and the colour. However, they also have same characteristics.

Facts about American bison 6: The baby bison

Baby bison is also called “red dogs”. It is different with adult bison, because baby bison has orange-red color. The horn become to grow after a few months, the hair also begin to change with dark brown.

A bison and baby bison
A bison and baby bison

Facts about American bison 7: Bison hunting

American bison is one of the commonly animal that searched by hunter, they usually get their equipment at https://ballachy.com/best-night-vision-scope/. It is usually hunted for sport, livestock, and hides. On the other hand, American bison can be used for clothing, tools, food, and shelter.

Facts about American bison 8: The advantages of each part of bison

There are many advantages of parts of the bison’s body such as hair, hoof, tail, bladder, stomach lining, and tendons. Bison’s hair is one of the example that can be made for headdresses, ropes, pillow filler, moccasin lining, and halters.

American bison leather
American bison leather

Facts about American bison 9: Diet

Bison eat simple foods because they are herbivores. Grasses and sedges are the main food of American bison. However, bison also can eat another food like berries and lichen.

Facts about American biso 10: Range

For the first time, American bison was found in the Canada and wild plains bison can be found in the Yellowstone National Park. Whereas Wood Buffalo National Park has wild wood bison.

Are you interested reading facts about American bison? Hopefully, this article will help you to inform facts about American bison.

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